Xanoxx Universal
Water - Defender
The Moisture Protector

Reiniger - Schmiermittel - Rostlöser - Korrosionsschutz - Hydrophobierung
Cleaner - Lubrication - Rust remover - Corrosion protection - Water Protection

XANOXX Universal is a mixture of highly refined oils with special corrosion-protection agents. The product has an extreme penetration and capillary ability. As a result of its extreme hydrophobing ability, XANOXX Universal pushes water and humidity away in all electrical connections and electrical devices by building up a three-dimensional Nanostructured hydrophobic network. This water repelling film ensures the functionality of the electrical devices even when they are exposed to water.  

XANOXX Universal ensures a long-term effect, protects all metallic, electric and electronical devices, machines, motors, computer plates etc. Against moisture, humidity, water, fog, rust, oxidation, corrosion. 

XANOXX Universal is weather- and temperature insensitively and can be used from -25 und +130 °C.

XANOXX Universal is easy to use. Shake well before use. Spray the complete parts and wait 2-3 min. before using the components.

The Three Steps of XANOXX Universal

Part 1:


Please spray XANOXX Universal on the surfaces to be protected. Immediately after the contact of XANOXX Universal with the surface a protecting film will be built with a thickness of about 1.000 –1.500 nm. This protecting film is highly hydrophobic and water repelling and sticks to the surface.

Therefore XANOXX Universal guarantees a water displacement of 100% within 10 seconds.

Part 2:

As a result of the use of higly refined oils in combination with Nano-additives. XANOXX Universal is a highly penetrating Multi-purpose oil.  The pentrating effect starts after 2-3 min. when the nano-additives have been transported even into the smallest cavities, where they remain active for more than one year. This also means that the penetrating and protecting effect is active, even when the parts are already wet.

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